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About Us
Brief Introduction

The Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI) was jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Shanghai Municipal Government.It was officially inaugurated in 2009 at the Zhangjiang High-tech Park, and moved to the Shanghai Pudong S&T Park at the end of 2010.  

SARI conducts innovative research in a broad range of scientific fields and aims to foster collaboration between academia and industry. By bringing together talent from different backgrounds, SARI aims to develop effective solutions to S&T problems, thus meeting national needs and propelling regional development.  

SARI focuses on five research areas: frontier studies and advanced manufacturing; information technology; space technology; energy and environment; and health sciences. In addition, SARI's Technology Transfer Center links basic research to industry.  

SARI is currently working on three major projects: its Advanced Microsatellite Initiative, Urban Intelligent Energy Network Demonstration, and Advanced Medical Equipment Program.  

Along with these three priority projects, SARI is conducting research in the following areas, with the goal of shaping the future:  

    Application of the Internet of Things to traffic management, emergency control, agricultural processing, and digital medical systems;  

    Developing the next-generation broadcasting network to integrate the networks for broadcasting, communication and the Internet;  

    Developing new approaches to energy production and utilization to improve energy efficiency;  

    Undertaking greenhouse and environmental engineering projects to deal with CO2 emission and manage industrial and domestic waste;  

    Using stem cell and nanomedicine technologies to cure chronic diseases and advance regenerative medicine. 

SARI has established collaborative relationships with numerous international organizations to improve the institute's research capability and enhance its scientific vision. For example, SARI has set up joint laboratories with world-famous companies such as Boeing and SONY; engaged in collaborative projects with Agilent, BP, Shell and Total; and joined forces with international research and education partners including Drexel University and KITECH to conduct research projects and training programs.  

As of December 2013, SARI had around 800 faculty members. Most of SARI's research faculty have either received doctoral degrees from internationally renowned universities or have held high-profile positions in Fortune 500 companies. Faculty members' overseas and industrial experience gives SARI valuable expertise that sets it apart.  

SARI's educational program is another key aspect of the institute's mission. In cooperation with ShanghaiTech University, SARI has set up an ecosystem of research, education and innovation where researchers and students can turn innovative ideas into reality. SARI offers master's and doctoral degrees in information, energy and environment, and the health science disciplines. Students are encouraged to understand basic research while also learning how to apply that research. To achieve this goal, every student participates in rotational programs focused on research, entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork. Through collaborative agreements with overseas universities such as MIT, Caltech, and Drexel, students can also expand their vision by studying and working abroad. 

SARI is committed to collaboration and the continuous pursuit of excellence. Its aim is to propel people to make the ordinary "extraordinary". We encourage people at home and abroad who share our innovative vision to join us in building a brilliant future. 

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