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Education and Training

   Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI), Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a cross-disciplinary research and education institute jointly established by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Shanghai Municipal government.  

   Since the preparation of SARI started in 2009, by leveraging the comprehensive resources of CAS, SARI has achieved rapid development in a short period of time. SARI has developed domestic and international partnerships through mutual understanding and trust, established a dozen of joint laboratories with well-known companies like Boeing, Sony and Lu’An Group, etc, signed several research agreements with renowned companies, research organizations and universities, such as BP, Shell, Total, PNNL, University of Nottingham, University of Washington, etc. Currently, SARI has formed a strategic development plan of "Five Research Divisions and One Center", namely, Division of Frontier Studies and Advanced Materials, Division of Information Science and Technology, Division of Space and Marine, Division of Energy and Environment, and Division of Life Science and Technology, with a technology transfer center. 

   The rapid development of SARI attracted a group of innovative scientists. There are 72 professors and 115 associate professors, 2 national-level “one thousand plan talents”, 2 Shanghai-level “one thousand plan talents”, and 2 CAS “one hundred plan talents”.  

   As a newly established research institute, SARI will collaborate with Shanghai Institute of Microsystem Information and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science for student enrollment. Currently, there are 37 graduate students, among whom 29 are Master Degree candidates and 8 PhD. Candidates.  

   SARI’s graduate student training aims to cultivate the high-level innovative and entrepreneur talents, providing students with the concept of “learning for application” through the major research projects or the process of technology transfer. With the advantages of gathering science and technology and talent resources, SARI has a broad scientific platform and a bright future for young students who are committed to scientific research innovation and entrepreneurship. 

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