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Position Openings in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center
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Shanghai Advanced Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Sciences(hereinafter referred to as “SARI”), is jointly initiated by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Municipality. As a comprehensive application-oriented institute focusing on Hi-Tech research and talent cultivation, SARI contributes to the sustainable economic and social development in Shanghai while relying on interdisciplinary studies to enhance the national independent innovation capability.
To achieve this goal, SARI will be mainly engaged in the areas that are closely related to the national economy and represent the forefront of science and technological development. These include: Information science and technology, energy and environmental technology, materials and communications, biomedicine. We encourage largely the most innovative research, develop the related key and common technologies, promote industrialization through technology transfer, incubation, and venture capital. Among these, recruiting most talent people and training young generation of scientists and technologist will be critical.
Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (SCRM) is one of the major centers in the Department of Biomedical Research. SCRM Focuses on the following research: embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), cancer stem cell research and cancer treatment; regulation of stem cell proliferation, differentiation, adult stem cell as models for disease treatment and drug screening.
In order to support and promote the stem cell and regenerative medicine research, SARI will establish several technology platforms, and we plan to recruit heads and research staffs who will be in charge of and operate the technical platform respectively.
I.    Recruiting Positions:
Technology Platforms
Research Staff/Head of Technology Platforms
1.   Histology laboratory, including tissue sectioning, immunohistochemical staining.
2.   Cell sorting
3.   Next-Gen Sequencing, array and quantitative RT – PCR analyses
4.   Microscopy, especially multi-photon microscopy
5.   Animal husbandry, cryopreserve technology,
6.   Transgenic animals and gene knockout technology
7.   Human ES and iPS cell culture
8.   High throughput screening
9.   Large scale tissue culture and bioreactors
10.  Bioinformatics
Doctorial degree in relevant disciplines such as cell biology, cancer biology, molecular biology, drug screening and etc;
Overseas research experience is preferred
II.    Application Materials:
1.     Application Forms, all downloadable at http://sari.ys168.com/.
2.     Scans of qualification certificates.
3.     Track record statements including the list of patents granted & theses published.
III.   Contact Information:
Interested applicants please send your application documents to Ms. Lu at luy@sari.ac.cn and specify in the subject your name, the position, and the technology platform you are applying for and where you see the post advertised.
Address: Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences
99 Haike Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai, P.R. China

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