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Faculty Positions in Divisions of Life Science, Energy and Environmental Technology at SARI, CAS
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Shanghai Advanced Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Sciences(hereinafter referred to as “SARI”), is jointly initiated by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Municipality. As a comprehensive application-oriented institute focusing on Hi-Tech research and talent cultivation, SARI contributes to the sustainable economic and social development in Shanghai while relying on interdisciplinary studies to enhance the national independent innovation capability.

To this end, SARI will be mainly engaged in S&T innovation, RD&D of key and common technologies, industry incubation, technology transfer, venture investment and talent education in the fields of information science and technology, energy and environmental technology, frontier studies, advanced materials, and life science, etc. 

Qualified scientific talents from home and abroad are sincerely welcomed to join us.

I.          Recruiting Departments

Research Divisions

Research Centers

Main  Research  Areas




Division of Life Science

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Center

Study on embryonic stem cell, cancer stem cells, iPS-related S&T, regulation of adult stem cell proliferation, differentiation, migration and maturation, and adult stem cell transplantation for disease treatment and drug screening etc. 

Nano Medicine and Translational Medicine Research Center

Our research integrates nanotechnology and biotechnology, 

and our research field including cancer genomics, cancer

 proteomics, cancer systemic biology, discovery of diagnostic 

marker of tumorigenesis, development of novel nano-drug targeted

 on surface protein of tumor cells, and development of new

 combination of drug against virus-mediated infective disease such as AIDS.

Advanced Medical Imaging Technology Research Center

Integrated mechanical and electrical design, Superconducting magnet research and design, Cryogenic physics, Electromagnetic analysis and simulation, Finite element analysis (FEA) research, Power electronics research and design, Electronics research, Clinical applications development, Real time system, Clinical software development, Computed Tomography(CT), Accelerator design, Large-Scale High-precision Structural Design, Imaging guided radiation therapy, Treatment planning system, Physics of radiation therapy, Photosensitive material, New x-ray source, Advanced industrial design

Division of Energy and Environmental Technology

Low Carbon Energy Conversion Technology Research Center

Low-carbon conversion and utilization of coal, biomass and other carbon-containing resources, including catalysis and related engineering in carbon-containing substance conversion, CO2 activation and utilization, and innovation and application of nano materials, etc. 

Greenhouse Gases and Environmental Engineering Research Center

Lab of Materials Engineering for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction:

Research on preparation and application of advanced functional materials, sea water desalination related technologies ( including forward and reverse osmosis, membrane distillation), gas separation, membrane bio-reactor, membrane catalysis, selective separation of ions, functional separation materials and integrated technologies, efficient resource utilization  etc. 

Lab of ODS Emission Reduction and Substitute Study: Research on catalysis, fluoride pyrolysis, synthesis of fluoride with low boiling point , assessment on durability & combustibility of ODS substitutes, etc.  

Lab of Bio-refinery Engineering:

Study on key technologies of bio-refinery, including bio-energy, bio-chemistry, comprehensive utilization of natural products, fine processing of agricultural by-products, enzyme preparation, novel antibiotic and pharmaceutical intermediate, etc.


II.           Positions:

“Hundred Talents Program” Candidates


Generally the eligible candidates must be a PhD of Chinese nationality or willing to abandon one’s foreign citizenship for permanent residence in China, as well as meet the following requirements:

 1.      With at least 4 consecutive years of overseas research experience after graduation and preferably no more than 40 years old.

2.      Having worked as an independent leader or key contributor of a major project with significant accomplishments.

3.      With high academic attainments in one’s own discipline, having produced internationally recognized results and published minimum 3 influential theses in core journals, or in possession of major inventive patents and mastery of key technologies which will influence hi-tech industrialization in relevant fields, competent to act as an academic leader in SARI.

4.      Influential in national and international academic community, able to identify the global development trend in relevant fields with long-term strategic vision, capable of leading a team to conduct cutting-edge scientific research and achieve internationally competitive innovations.


1.      Start-up research fund: 1million RMB, extra amount available upon application in view of needs in scientific research.

2.      Housing subsidy: 0.1 – 0.6 million RMB

3.      Those that pass the mid-term selective assessment of CAS will be granted with additional research funds of 2 million afterwards.

4.   Spouses of “Hundred Talents Program” candidates recruited from outside Shanghai will be distributed with a subsidiary at 1000 RMB/month for maximum 12 months, when they are temporarily unemployed.

Youth Talents (100)

Doctoral degree in relevant disciplines.  

III.          Application Materials:

1.     Application Forms, all downloadable at http://sari.ys168.com/

2.     Scans of qualification certificates.

3.     Track record statements including the list of patents granted & theses published.

Note:  Candidates applying for “Hundred Talents Program” are required to submit two reference letters from acknowledgeable experts in relevant fields, future research proposal and related demands.

IV.           Contact Information:

Interested applicants please send your application documents to Ms. Wang at wangxj@sari.ac.cn and specify in the subject your name, the position, research center or lab you are applying for, and where you see the post advertised.

For more job opportunities, please refer to our homepage www. sari.ac.cn

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