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Research Divisions
Energy and Environment  

Ø Key Research Areas 


Sustainable Solutions for Energy Efficiency 

To promote low-carbon energy production and utilization, this initiative intends to develop innovative approaches that capture the synergy among energy flow, material flow, and information flow of various energy resources. By thoroughly exploring integrated methodology and technology for the effective utilization of coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, and renewable energy sources, the participating teams are on track to deliver novel and sustainable solutions that shall reshape the nation’s energy supply and demand.  

City Intelligent Energy Network (CIEN) Demonstration 

The demonstration integrates distributed energy supply, energy utilization, heat supply network and intelligent power grid as a whole system by means of intelligent sensing and technological innovation. It develops systematic solutions for city community energy supply and allocation, which provides a typical example for urbanization construction in China. 

Greenhouse Gas and Environmental Engineering  

This program attempts to tackle the concerns of greenhouse gas emission that is of our national attention. A wide range of technologies are under development for 1) early pollution detection, 2) CO2 capture, storage, and utilization, 3) real-time monitoring and controlling of PM2.5 pollutants, 4) ODS replacement and green synthesis, and 5) reduction of energy consumption in the chemical processes.  

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