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Life Sciences  

Ø Key Research Areas 

Medical Imaging Technology 

Studies that fall into this category include the development of novel imaging technologies related to major medical equipment such as MRI, CT, X-Ray, PET/CT as well as the transfer of these technologies to industry. SARI is determined to establish itself as the cradle of the fast-growing medical device industry in China, and to lead a novel operational model that relies on its own proprietary technologies and IP to disrupt the domestic market currently dominated by a handful of global players. 

Stem cell and Nanomedicine 

By targeting the stem cell or cancer stem cell, we aim to develop new approaches for early diagnosis and treatment of a variety of disorders including cardiovascular diseases, neurological degeneration, sperm abnormality, breast cancer, etc. We are also applying nano-technology and stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration. 

Targeted Cancer Therapy 

Targeted therapies focus on developing small chemicals or monoclonal antibodies that specifically recognize and inhibit the oncogenic molecules. Two such therapeutic regimens for breast and colon cancer, and their companion diagnostic tests, are currently under investigation.  


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