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Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau of the Netherlands Visited SARI
date: 2016-01-18

Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau of the Netherlands led a delegation to visit SARI on January 15th 2016. Vice Presidents Sun Yuhan and Jiang Biao received and held a meeting with the delegation.  

Prof. Sun warmly welcomed the delegation and showed Prince Constantijn around SARI’s Exhibition Hall and CAS Key Laboratory of Low-Carbon Conversion and Engineering. He also gave an overview of SARI’s collaboration with Dutch partners such as Shell, ECN and Utrecht University. Prof. Jiang, who’s in charge of technology transfer in SARI, introduced SARI’s mechanism in technology transfer and start-ups initiatives. Prince Constantijn thought highly of SARI’s Sino-Dutch ties, and gave a brief introduction of StartUpDelta’s International Circle of Influencers. He believed science and technology should provide greater support to startups, and hoped SARI and its Dutch partners will promote industrialization of joint research findings through start-ups in the near future.  

Prince Constantijn also visited SARI’s Incubation Center and Energy Storage and Conversion Lab, discussed with the researchers and entrepreneurs on the topic of research and industry cooperation.  


Prince Constantijn and Prof. Sun Yuhan visit SARI’s Exhibition Hall 


Prince Constantijn and Prof. Jiang Biao visit SARI’s incubation center 

The Energy Storage and Conversion Research Lab Tour