Opportunities in SARI

Talents Wanted at SARI

date: 2018-05-29


1) Accelerator science[+]
  • New Principle and Mechanism of Accelerator Light Source
  • Accelerator Drive and Seed Laser Technology
  • Superconducting high frequency technology
  • Accelerator beam measurement and control technology
  • Accelerator magnet power supply technology
  • Accelerator inserts and special magnet technology
  • Application of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in accelerator
  • New materials and new process on performance development of the structure of room temperature and superconducting acceleration
  • High brightness electron source technology
2) Photon Science[+]
  • Optics technology of Coherent X ray
  • Advanced X ray detectors
  • Multidimensional and Multi-Scale Detection Technology of Synchronous Radiation
  • Advanced Detector Development Featuring High Frame Rate and Large
  • Beam line design, construction and operation of photon large scale scientific facilities
  • Experiment methodology research on photon large scale scientific facilities
3) Energy and Information Science[+]
  • C1 heterogeneous/homogeneous catalytic conversion
  • Energy materials
  • Catalytic reaction engineering and reactor
  • CO2 capture, utilization and storage
  • Construction and Evaluation of Green Technology System
  • Functional lubricating material
  • Optoelectronic materials and devices
  • Energy storage and conversion
  • Key Technologies of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent City Application
4) Life Science[+]
  • Protein design
  • Integrated Structural Biology
1. Outstanding young and middle-aged scholars, doctors and postdoctors from well-known overseas universities and scientific research institutions;
2. Excellent research fellows in R & D institutions of large and medium-sized enterprises;
3. Talents who meet the requirements of talent plans of the state, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Municipal Government.
1) Leading Talent[+]
  • A doctorate, not over 50 years old;
  • Possess the equivalent of professor in world-renowned universities or senior positions in international enterprise of home and abroad.
2) Young Outstanding Talent[+]
  • A doctorate, not over 40 years old;
  • Possess the equivalent of full-time faculty or researcher at world-renowned universities or enterprises of home and abroad, work overseas for 3 consecutive years or more after obtaining a PhD degree;
  • Top-notch talents in respective area and has the potential to be the academic or technical leaders.
3) Core Talents[+]
A doctorate, work overseas for 2 consecutive years or more;
Wide academic vision and innovative thinking who meets one of the following conditions:
1. has the ability to conduct technology and equipment R&D which involves technical renovation and upgrade of equipment and devices; Or the ability to solve key technical problems to promote technological innovation;
2. has rich experience in big science projects to undertake R&D tasks of large scale scientific facilities or systems integration and operation as core talents;
3. Demonstrative performance in science and technology research, application development and achievements transformation.
4) Young Talents[+]
  • A doctorate or masterate with overseas study background;
  • Master the theory and professional knowledge of respective field, capable of writing essays and good command of English and computer skills


1. Start-up research package; Apply talent funds from national, CAS and Shanghai Municipal Government;
2. Scientific research platform with international competitiveness
3. Settlement:
1) Selectively support of settlement allowance;
2) Competitive benefits package includes social insurance, occupational pension, housing provident fund, supplementary provident fund, commercial supplementary medical insurance, housing subsidies, etc.;
3) Parental and family support by helping settlement and education to children.


1. Resume;
2. Copies of representative achievements, patents, and 2-5 papers;
3. Copies of certificates of professional, technical qualification and award.


Contact: Ms. Zhao Tel:+86-21-20325012; Ms. Wang Tel:+86-21-20325016
Email address: hr-talent@sari.ac.cn
Email subject: Name + apply for ××talent
Address: No. 99 Haike Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.