News Update

African Railway Economy Belt Seminar Held in Shanghai
date: 2017-04-25

April 24-25, the African Railway Economy Belt Seminar was successfully held in Shanghai, jointly hosted by Shanghai Advanced Research Institute(SARI) and the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center. President of SARI Professor Feng Songlin, Director of the Joint Center Professor Wang Qingfeng and other experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences and the industry joined the event.  

In order to implement the cooperation spirit outlined in the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation regarding the China-Africa Railway Construction, Wildlife Conservation, Environment-friendly Agriculture and the Smart City Construction, the seminar explored related topics and discussed how to better promote the relevant cooperation areas. Professor Feng Songlin introduced the anti-poaching cooperation project with Kenya Wildlife Service, and presented the proposed plan for building a comprehensive anti-poaching system to be deployed in Tsavo National Park. Professor Zhang Bing, Deputy Director of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, introduced how modern remote sensing technology help protect the African Ecology and Environment. Professor Hu Chunsheng, Deputy Director of the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, presented his work in Agriculture area, and mentioned that they already established an agriculture technology demonstration zone in Kenya. 

 Professor Feng Songlin introduced the anti-poaching cooperation project

Professor Wang Qingfeng introduced the development history of the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center, the ongoing projects and future development plan. Professor Qiu Huasheng and Professor Mu Rongping talked about the strategies and the research-industry-education integrated cooperation. 

 Professor Wang Qingfeng introduced the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center 

The attendees conducted in-depth discussion around topics of science and technology support, industry development and cooperation for win-win partnerships. Based on existing cooperation, the parties agreed to join forces to better promote cooperation, trying to provide more efficient development plans, contributing to China and Africa partnership and friendship.