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SARI Names New Leadership
date: 2017-05-04

Professor Wang Xi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was named President of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute on May 2, 2017. The newly appointed leaders also include Professor Zhu Zhiyuan as Secretary of Party Committee, Professor Li Ruxin, Professor Huang Weiguang and Professor Wang Maohua as Vice Presidents. CAS Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President LIU Weiping, CAS Vice President Xiangli Bin and leaders from the CAS Bureau of Human Resources and CAS Shanghai Branch attended the new leadership appointment event. 

Liu Weiping spoke highly of the achievements made since SARI’s preparation in 2009 and expressed his thanks to the contributions of the former leadership who sacrificed so much to make SARI what it is now from the scratch. Liu Weiping pointed out that CAS decided to prepare the establishment of the Zhangjiang Lab based on SARI, also leveraging the major science and technology infrastructure cluster in Shanghai, integrating related research resources and advantages, aiming to play a key role in the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and the Zhangjiang Integrated National Science Center. Mr. Liu set the expectations for the new leadership, calling the new team to carefully carry out the major decision and deployment of CAS, actively planning the future reform and innovation development of SARI, making due contributions to the strategy of innovation driving development and the construction of a powerful country in global science and technology sector. 

Liu Weiping 

Xiangli Bin delivered an address, praising Liu Weiping’s speech as comprehensive and highly inclusive, expressing his respect for the former leaders and saying that he would make full endeavors to support the SARI new leadership in order to live up to the expectations of the era. 

  Xiangli Bin 

Feng Songlin addressed on behalf of the former SARI leadership, and expressed sincere thanks to the CAS leadership for all the great efforts and guidance. Feng Songlin mentioned that he will continue to provide full support to the new leadership. 

  Feng Songlin

Wang Xi delivered an address representing the new leadership and expressed his thanks to the CAS leadership for the trust and support. He expressed that he would try all the best to seize the opportunities, strengthening collaborative innovation, making due contribution to the nation’s innovation development. Wang Xi pointed out that it is a great responsibility to prepare the national lab construction, calling all the SARI staff to keep up the hard work to support the national lab construction, and also hoping that CAS and Shanghai Municipality could provide further guidance and support. 

 Wang Xi