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Demo Project for an Energy-Efficient Building Aims to Cut Energy by 40%
date: 2017-07-25

On July 20th 2017, Launch Ceremony of CAS-NEDO Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project was held in Shanghai. By incorporating Japan's advanced energy-saving technology into the new Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Facility of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SARI-CAS), the project aims to realize energy saving of 40% in air conditioning and lighting use compared to conventional systems.

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., and Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd. have been collaborating with SARI on introducing a building energy management system (BEMS), which can comprehensively monitor and control energy-efficient equipment with energy-saving technologies to optimize energy consumption, at the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Facility (total floor area:16,000m2) since 2014. Construction of this building was recently completed in Pudong New Area, Shanghai by SARI. It is the first cooperative project between Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and NEDO.

Comparison of energy consumption between the project system vs. a conventional system

- Conventional system

*Assuming energy consumption in the same building using a conventional system

3,450 MJ/m2//year

(55.3 TJ/year ÷16,000m2

- Demonstration system

*Expected level of energy saving achieved by the equipment introduced in the project

2,090 MJ/m2/year

(33.4 TJ/year ÷16,000m2)

           -40% compared to the conventional system

During the demonstration phase, building operational data will be collected until March 2018 to validate the efficiency of the energy-saving technology. It is designed to trigger the deployment of energy conservation technology in China's architecture field, increasing the number of such energy-efficient buildings in the country.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Munehiko Tsuchiya, Executive Director of NEDO; Mr. Daisuke Hirayama, Consul of the Japanese Consulate-General in Shanghai; Mr. Qiu Huasheng, former Deputy Director-General, Bureau of International Cooperation of CAS; Dr. Qu Ronghui, Vice President of CAS Shanghai Branch; Mr. Huang Weiguang and Mr. Wang Maohua, Vice Presidents of SARI. Company executives from Yasui Architects& Engineers, Inc., Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., and Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd. and many other persons concerned with this project also attended the ceremony.    

  CAS-NEDO Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project Launch Ceremony (image by SARI)