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SARI Visiting Research Professor Wins Magnolia Silver Award
date: 2021-09-22

On September 15th 2021, Professor Kenji Hosoyama, Visiting Research Professor of SARI, was awarded the 2021 Magnolia Silver Award in recognition of his positive contributions to Shanghai’s economic and social development, especially for supporting the construction of major national science and technology facilities, fostering Sino-Japan exchanges and training of Chinese young scientists.

Professor Kenji Hosoyama

Magnolia Silver Award

Prof. Hosoyama is a world-renowned scientist in liquid helium cryogenic technology, superconducting radio frequency (SRF) technology and superconducting magnet technology. He has built a long history of friendship with Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) since its R&D in 1999. As an experienced scientist in High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Japan, Prof. Hosoyama has contributed much effort in building ties and foster international exchange between SSRF and KEK. Under his guidance and coordination, multiple technical obstacles in liquid helium cryogenic system and SRF system had been addressed, and a group of young scientists of SSRF got training in KEK.


KEK’s helium liquefaction system ready for shipment to Shanghai (2005)

Since 2018, Prof. Hosoyama was invited to join the accelerator team of Shanghai High Repetition Rate X-ray FEL and Extreme Light Facility (SHINE) as the Visiting Research Professor of SARI and ShanghaiTech University. As the contact person of international cooperation in superconducting accelerator technology between SARI and KEK, he actively promoted the signing of cooperation agreement, holding of annual technical seminar, and substantive technical cooperation in SRF technology, etc. Through his work and coordination, key equipments for SRF cavity fabrication had been built and R&D of SRF cavity prototype has made great progress.


Prof. Hosoyama addressed on International Workshop on Superconducting Linac Technology held by SHINE (2019)

Named after the city flower of Shanghai, the Magnolia Award was set up by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government in 1989. It has become one of the top awards to foreign individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Shanghai's economic development, social progress and international exchange and cooperation.