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2012 Workshop on Frontiers of Information Science and Technology
date: 2012-06-21

Workshop Objectives
The newly inaugurated Shanghai Tech and its School of Information Science and Technology will host a workshop to explore the future frontiers of information science and technology. The objectives are
· To present fresh perspectives on the future of information science and technology (IST);
· To define future IST research directions in general, and for Shanghai Tech in particular;
· To promote a unique collaborative opportunity at Shanghai Tech on IST research.
The organizers and Shanghai Tech wish to invite world-class experts and future stars in key areas of information science and technology to congregate in Shanghai for a four-day workshop. In hosting this international workshop, Shanghai Tech seeks to gather a broad perspective on the future development and critical areas for research and education in information science and technology.

Areas of Focus: All topics pertaining to the future of information science and technology, including, but not limited to:
1. Future Data Technologies and Intelligent Systems (Big data problem, Database and data mining, Computer vision, Visualization, Machine learning, etc.)
2. Next Generation Computing (Computational Theory, Advanced Practical Computation) Distributed High Performance Computing, Multi-core Multi-thread Computing, Cloud Computing, Theory of Computing, Algorithm, and Foundation, Machine Learning, etc.)
3. Integrated Circuits and Electronics (Low energy architecture and chip design, Reconfigurable circuits and programmable chip, Analog, digital, and mixed signal circuit designs, System on chip
4. Communications, Signals, and Information Sciences (Information Theory and foundations for future Communication Systems, Signal Sensing, High speed Ubiquitous and Heterogeneous Networking, Modeling of Complex Mobile Environments, Intelligent Signal and Information Processing)
5. Interdisciplinary Technologies (Bio-inspired Computing, Biomedical Technologies, Next Generation Nano-Technologies, Smart Energy Devices, Systems, and Algorithms)

Organization Committee and Speakers:
Professor Babak Hassibi, Caltech, USA
Professor Tracey Ho, Caltech, USA
Professor Anna Scaglione, UC Davis, USA
Professor Lang Tong, Cornell University, USA
Professor David Tse, UC Berkeley, USA
Professor Zhaojun Bai, UC Davis, USA
Professor Mathieu Desbrun, Caltech, USA
Professor Fei-Fei Li, Stanford University, USA
Professor Pietro Perona, Caltech, USA
Professor Tsu-Jae King Liu, UC Berkeley, USA
Professor Costas Spanos, UC Berkeley, USA
Dr. Zhongfeng Wang, Broadcom, USA
Professor Erik Winfree, Caltech, USA

Workshop Co-Chairs
Zhi Ding, UC Davis
Mathieu Desbrun, Caltech
Fei-Fei Li, Stanford University

Presentation Format
1. No manuscript submission or review is necessary.
2. All abstracts will be published in the program.

1. Speakers are invited by the organization committee.
2. Shanghai Tech will cover international airfare (economy class) and local accommodations during the workshop for all invited guests.

Registration Fee: Free

Date: December 9-13, 2012


For further information: Contact Workshop Chairs
Zhi Ding (
Mathieu Desbrun (
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