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NOW OPEN: The expression plasmids for all 29 proteins encoded by the COVID-19 virus are available for request
date: 2020-06-22

Scientists all over the world are working day and night to find COVID-19 cure. Studies on the 29 proteins encoded by the COVID-19 virus genome are critical for this urgent task. However, it usually takes weeks or months to have the virus-encoded proteins over expressed and purified for research in the labs. Now, expression plasmids for all these 29 proteins are available to global scientists through a Protein Bank Program (PBP) launched by the National Facility for Protein Science in Shanghai (NFPS). NFPS is the first large-scale comprehensive facility for protein science in China. As PBP’s first step to help global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, expression plasmids for all 29 COVID-19 proteins are open for request from June 17 on. NFPS will extend the resources sharing to proteins and antibodies later on. 

If you need to request the expression plasmids of the COVID-19 virus proteins, please fill out the form below for information or contact us via


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