date: 2021-06-29

Shanghai High Repetition Rate X-ray FEL and Extreme Light Facility (SHINE)

To construct an 8 GeV CW superconducting RF linac, three undulator beamlines that covers the X-ray energy of 0.4-25keV, and ten endstations for scientific experiments. The facility provides high-repetition rate (up to 1 MHz) ultrashort X-ray pulses that enable scientific studies with ultra-high spatial resolution (nanometer) and ultrafast temporal resolution (femtosecond).

The whole facility is approximately 3.11km long with 2.8km underground tunnels, which contains linac tunnel, undulator tunnels and photon beamline tunnels. Five shafts will be built for component installation, beam transport, beam distribution, beam dump and scientific experiments. There will be equipped with experimental halls, cryogenic plants and auxiliary laboratories and infrastructures as well.