date: 2021-06-30

Shanghai Ruijin Hospital Proton Therapy Center is the first independently developed proton therapy facility for clinical treatment in China. It consists of a synchrotron, 4 treatment rooms (an eye-beamline, a horizontal beamline, a half-rotational Gantry and a full-rotational gantry) and an experimental beamline room.

The R&D, construction and technical and beam commissioning has been finished. The system performance of accelerator meets all design specifications.

The construction of all treatment rooms has been completed. The technical and medical commissioning of horizontal-beam and gantry treatment room has been finished. End-to-end tests using 20 clinical IMPT plans have been performed successfully. The maximum deviation between measured dose and planed dose is better than 1% during daily/weekly QA, which meets the requirements of clinical treatment. Third-party testing for certification is currently underway, and clinical trials will be launched soon.