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SARI Cooperates with German Partners on Green Chemistry
date: 2015-09-28

Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SARI-CAS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials Halle (Fraunhofer IWM) and Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company (Huayi) on September. 24th , 2015,  regarding joint conferences on the subject of Alternative rawmaterials for the chemical and plastics-processing industry. 

Vice President of SARI Prof. Sun Yuhan, Director of the Fraunhofer IWM in Halle Prof.Ralf Wehrspohn and Vice-President of Huayi Prof. Jianhua Wei signed the MoU, and the signing was performed at the presence of  Marco Tullner, State Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Economic Affairs. Vice President of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Mr. Ma Xingfa,  Associate President of SARI Prof. Wei Wei, President of Huayi Mr. Liu Xunfeng attended the event.   

"Although oil and gas are key raw materials for the chemical industry, they are finite resources. At the Fraunhofer IWM we demonstrate, by using a wide range of ideas and projects, what sustainable solutions for the future may look like. This can offer a crucial competitive advantage, especially to companies in Central Germany, putting them at the cutting edge of the green economy," said Professor Ralf Wehrspohn, Director of the Fraunhofer IWM in Halle. "We found the previous collaboration with our partners from the previous mechanism like exchange of students, visits to companies or joint projects. The Memorandum of Understanding will enable us to focus our mutual strengths even more sharply,"said Professor Yuhan Sun, Vice-President of SARI. "A reliable supply of raw materials is vital for our sector. The search for alternatives to fossil resources is therefore of great importance to us both in economic and environmental terms," said Professor Jianhua Wei, Vice-President of Huayi, in emphasising the importance of the agreement. The representatives attended the 6th Science and Technology work conference of Huayi after the signing ceremony and exchanged ideas on topics of common concern.  

Under the agreement three parties will host two joint conferences on the subject of "Alternative rawmaterials for the chemical and plastics-processing industry" in Shanghai and Germany, trying to build international platform for collaboration and innovation to make contribution to the construction of  Shanghai Sci-Tech Innovation Center. 


Signing Ceremony(Image by SARI) 


Group Photo (Image by SARI)