Exchange & Visit

Canadian CCUS Delegation Visited SARI
date: 2017-01-13

On January 12, Dr. Dean Haslip, Director General of CanmetENERGY-Ottawa Research Centre, Innovation and Energy Technology Sector, Natural Resources Canada led a delegation focusing on CO2 Caputure, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) to visit Shanghai Advanced Research Institute. Vice President Sun Yuhan and Assistant President Wei Wei received the delegation and discussed potential cooperation activities. 

Professor Sun Yuhan welcomed the Canadian team to SARI, briefly introduced SARI’s overall research plan, research projects in energy and environment sector and international cooperation activities. Major research focuses in CCUS area at SARI are presented to the visiting team. Dr. Dean Haslip thanked SARI for the hospitality, and expressed that SARI’s strategy and research in CCUS are practical and forward-looking. The Natural Resources Canada is keen to work with China in energy and environment areas. The visiting team consists of experts from industry and academia, and it is hoped that the visit would help promote integrative innovation cooperation. Professor Sun pointed out that Canada is very strong is CCUS area, hoped that the parties could explore cooperation projects to jointly contribute to a better environment future. 

The delegation also paid a visit to Low Carbon Conversion Center, and discussed with the researchers in research projects and technology commercialization.  


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