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Thailand MHESI Delegation Visits SARI
date: 2023-02-19
A delegation of 13 people led by Prof. Pasit Lorterapong, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation of Thailand, visited the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI), Chinese Academy of Sciences on February 12, 2023.
Prof. Zhao Zhentang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), Prof. Tai Renzhong, Vice President of SARI and deputy director of SSRF, Prof. Jiang Biao, Director of Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok), CAS led the Chinese delegation. Mr. Yang Wenzhan, Program officer from the International Cooperation Department, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality also joined the visit.
Accompanied by Chinese scientists, the delegation first visited the storage ring and two experimental stations at SSRF, the Shanghai Soft X-ray Free Electron Laser, and the superconducting RF cavity test platform for Shanghai Hard X-ray FEL Facility.
At the meeting, Prof. Tai first extended a warm welcome on behalf of SARI to the visit of Prof. Pasit Lorterapong and his delegation. Tai briefly introduced the historical development and research direction of the Institute, and expressed his hope to enhance understanding through mutual visits and further promote the cooperation between China and Thailand in science and technology.
Prof. Zhao Zhengtang delivered a report, introducing in details the operation and scientific research achievements at SSRF and reviewing the cooperation between China and Thailand in the field of synchrotron light source.
In the final discussion, Prof. Pasit Lorterapong expressed his gratitude for the reception of sari, and said that through this visit, they had a deep understanding of the huge space for cooperation between China and Thailand in the field of science and technology. They will continue to promote mutual visits between the two sides and strive to produce more results in scientific research cooperation.