International Conference

ACGT2012 Successfully Held
date: 2012-09-07

Asian Congress on Gas Turbines 2012 (ACGT2012), jointly hosted by Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Gas Turbine Society of Japan and Korean Fluid Machinery Association, and locally organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Electric and Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, was successfully held in Shanghai from August 20th to 22nd 2012. Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor WENG Shilie from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, served as the Chair of ACGT2012 Organizing Committee. Professor JIANG Mianheng, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, Director LI Ye from Energy Saving & Science equipment Department of National Energy Administration, Vice Director SHANG Yuying from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, Director LIU Tao from Engineering and Materials Science Department of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and around 200 experts, engineers, user representatives and students from Asia, Europe and US joined the event.


Prof. WENG delivering his speech

Professor WENG delivered an opening address on behalf of the Organizing Committee, pointed out that ACGT is an international congress on gas turbines started in 2005 and the ACGT2012 follows the tradition set at the first and second ACGT conferences held in Korea 2005 and in Japan 2009, aiming to provide an international platform for extensive exchange of information among gas turbine researchers, users and manufacturers within and outside Asian region. Professor WENG welcomed the attending guests and students, and hoped that the participants could jointly push forward the research and development of gas turbine through discussion.

 Prof. JIANG is making a speech

Professor JIANG Mianheng mentioned the severe challenges the world is facing in energy and environment area in his address, and stressed the important role of the efficient heat power conversion system, with gas turbine technology as its core, in the sustainable energy development and environment protection. Professor JIANG believed that the congress would serve as a high-level platform for state-of-the-art gas turbine technology, advancing the gas turbine research and cooperation in Asia and the world.
In her address, Director SHANG Yuying introduced Shanghai as an important base for high end energy equipment and advanced manufacturing industry with solid foundation in the production, application and support of gas turbine, and wished that the attending experts could pay more attention and provide more support to the development of Shanghai’s gas turbine industry.

Dr. Norihiko Iki made a keynote lecture titled The reliabity of Gas Turbine Installations in the Great East Japan Earthquake, Director LI Ye made a Keynote Speech regarding the development and prospect of gas turbine industry in China, Dr. Aoki Sunao presented on the past, present and future of gas turbines, and Professor Kim Kwang-Yong made a keynote presentation on the optimization of a novel film-cooling hole for turbine blade cooling.

ACGT2012 consists of keynote speeches, high-level forum, group sessions and plant visit. During the three-day meetings, the attendees conducted extensive communication and discussion on key technologies, current status and future development trend of gas turbine, and explored the collaboration opportunities in gas turbine technology area.