International Conference

Nano & New Energy Technology Symposium Held at SARI
date: 2014-08-13

The 4th Young Scholars Symposium on Nano & New Energy Technology, co-organized by Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI) and Shanghai institute of microsystem and information technology (SIMIT), was held in shanghai Advanced Research Institute from August 8-9, 2014. Professor Feng Songlin, President of SARI, attended the Symposium and made an opening address. The activity attracted nearly 50 young scientists from home and abroad.
President Feng introduced SARI’s development strategy, emphasized the importance and emergency of the developments on Nano & New energy fields. He encouraged the young scientists to enhance the further interdisciplinary cooperation, jointly explore the fundamental scientific challenges, technology methods and the industrialization, in order to provide the strategic and technical support for the area’s future developments.
The symposium was co-chaired by Prof. Dongdong Li from SARI and Prof. Guqiao Ding from SIMIT. The attending young scholars discussed on the areas of energy conversion and storage devices, related nanomaterials preparations, the applications of nanodevices, the challenges and the future development. They all presented the newest research results and the related experience. The event served as a good platform for the future extensive international exchanges and cooperation.

Group Photo