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Shell Award for Excellence-Inspiring Students for Energy Innovation

  A delegation led by Shell CTO Mr. Yuri Sebregts visited SARI and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covering “Shell Award for Excellence in Energy Research and Innovation” on April 22, 2015. President Feng Songlin, Vice President Sun Yuhan and Wang Maohua received the delegation. 
  Prof. Sun Yuhan showed the delegation around CAS Key Laboratory for Low-Carbon Energy Conversion and Engineering and introduced SARI’s strategy in low-carbon energy conversion, followed by a brief introduction of CAS Pudong Science & Technology Park and SARI’s strategic layout made by Mr. Wang Maohua. Shell Vice President of Future Energy Technologies Mr. Chris Laurens delivered an academic lecture on the Future of the Energy System, which had attracted nearly 70 researchers and students to attend. 
  After the lecture, Prof. Feng Songlin and Mr. Yuri Sebregts signed the MoU of “Shell Award for Excellence in Energy Research and Innovation” on behalf of SARI and Shell. 
  SARI and Shell signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement under the heading of "Frontier Sciences" on 27th April, 2013 for the exploratory research and emerging technology research and development in the area of energy and environment. This Award aims to stimulate and reward excellence in innovation and scientific exploration by Chinese PhD students in the field of energy and researchers engaged in the Shell Frontier Sciences Program.  
  MoU Signing Ceremony
   Mr. Chris Laurens's giving the lecture
   Conference Room
   Lab Visit 

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Springer Delegation Visited SARI

  Delegation led by Mr. Hubertus Riedesel, Executive Vice-President Publishing Physical Scientists and Engineering of Springer visited SARI on March 26, 2015.
  Prof. Huang Weiguang, Vice President of SARI received the delegation and gave a brief introduction of CAS Pudong Science and Technology Park. Mr. Liu Jianzhou, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department introduced the research focuses and strategic planning of SARI, followed by the introduction of ShanghaiTech made by Mr. Zhang Jia, Director of the Library & Media Center, ShanghaiTech.
  Mr. Hubertus Riedesel thanked SARI for the receptioin, and introduced Springer’s history, strategy and development in China and recent merge with Macmillan Science and Education. He also hoped that Springer could provide multi-functional services to emerging institutes and universities like SARI and ShanghaiTech, and help to improve their innovation and international influence.  
  The delegation visited SARI’s Exhibition Hall and ShanghaiTech’s campus after the meeting.

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BASF Delegation Visited SARI

  A delegation led by BASF Vice President Mr. Bernd Sachweh visited SARI on January15th 2015. 
  Prof. Sun Yuhan, Vice President of SARI received the delegation and introduced the strategic layout of Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Park integrating ShanghaiTech University and several institutes, SARI’s main research areas and the research activities in energy and environment area. Mr. Bernd Sachweh gave an introduction about BASF’s business scope and research focuses, and hoped to conduct in-depth cooperation with SARI and ShanghaiTech through more exchange visits. 
   Lab visit 

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Sharing Global Intelligence, Exploring Low Carbon City Development

  Chinese Low Carbon City International Conference was held in Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SARI-CAS) on November 20, 2014. With “Low-carbon City and New type urbanization” as the theme, the “China Low-carbon city construction report” was released during the conference, and “China Smart low-carbon city industry and technology development alliance” was founded. Dr. Mianheng Jiang, the president of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch and ShanghaiTech University joined the conference, together with the President of SARI-CAS Dr. Feng Songlin, Vice Presidents Dr. Sun Yuhan, Dr. Jiang Biao and Dr. Huang Weiguang. The Australia, Sweden, Japan, Israel and Portugal Consul General in Shanghai also attended the conference. And the officials in England, Brazil and France Consul in Shanghai were also present.  
  The conference was hosted by Professor Weiguang Huang,. Professor Songlin Feng kicked off the event with a welcome address and announced the release of “China Low -carbon city construction report” with Professor Hongguang Jin. Professor Yuhan Sun and Mr. Zhonghua Shen, the CEO of Potevio Energy Ltd., announced the establishment of “China Smart low-carbon city industry and technology development alliance” with the other six fouding partner. Professor Hongguang Jin, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a keynote speech on how to create a Low-carbon energy system. Mr. Kenji Kurata, the president of NEDO Japan, Ms Alice Cawte, Australian Consul General, Mr. Edward Baker, Consul on Climate and Energy UK in Shanghai, and Ms. Viktoria Li, Sweden Consul General, Shanghai shared their wisdom and experience about Low Carbon City.  
  The low carbon is the Global trend and the city is the carrier of the low carbon development. The construction of Low Carbon City is the main direction of the urbanization process. The low carbon city is a complex system including industrial layout, space and traffic planning, environmental, energy system, waste and air treatment and Information technology. Thus the construction of low carbon city needs the cooperation among government, industry and experts. SARI has built the technical service system including strategy consulting, technology demonstration and commercialization.
  Chinese Low Carbon City International Conference is a part of series meeting organized by SARI. Building a platform for government, industry and research is the main target of the conference. The innovation ideas and technical commercialization is obtained by the discussion and cooperation. More than 200 attendees from 20 countries attended the conference and the papers submitted would been published by Springer.
  Group Photo 
  Plate Unveiling Ceremony of “China Smart low-carbon city industry and technology development alliance”  
  Dr. Mianheng Jiang Raising Questions 
  Q&A Session 

2014-11-24 more+

International Workshop on Energy and Environment successfully held

  International Workshop on Energy and Environment: Challenges and Opportunities was successfully held in Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SARI-CAS) on November 3 -4, 2014. The workshop was jointly organized by SARI, ShanghaiTech University and Drexel University. President Mianheng Jiang, Vice President Jinkang Gong from ShanghaiTech University, President Songlin Feng, Vice President Yuhan Sun, Weiguang Huang from SARI, Dr. Julie Mostov, Vice Provost for Global Initiatives and Dr. Joseph B. Hughes, Dean of College of Engineering from Drexel University, as well as other experts in the related area attended this workshop.
  Hosted by Wei Sun, the Albert Soffa Chair Professor from Drexel University and Director of Drexel-SARI Center, the two-day workshop started with welcome remarks from President Songlin Feng, Vice Provost Julie Mostov and Vice President Jinkang Gong. Vice President Yuhan Sun and Weiguang Huang of SARI, Dean Joseph Hughes and Director Chuck Hass from Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering of Drexel University delivered keynote presentations on low-carbon energy solution in China, city intelligent energy network (CIEN), the north American energy revolution and urban wastewater management, followed by technical presentations from researchers of SARI, ShanghaiTech and Drexel. The participants had in-depth discussions and communications on opportunities and challenges for energy and environment.
  After the workshop, the attendees visited Low-Carbon Conversion Center, Lab for Membrane Materials and Separation Technology and City Intelligent Energy Network Demo of SARI.
  Welcome remark from President Songlin Feng
  Welcome remark from Vice Provost Julie Mostov
  Welcome remark from VP Jinkang Gong
  VP Yuhan Sun gave keynote presentation
  Dean Joseph B. Hughes gave keynote presentation
  VP Weiguang Huang gave keynote presentation
  Director Chuck Hass gave keynote speech
  Group photo

2014-11-10 more+

MoU Signed Between SARI and the University of Nottingham

Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SARI-CAS) signed a MoU with the University of Nottingham regarding the cooperation on development of solid adsorbents for CO2 capture on September. 24th, 2014. 
Associate President of SARI Mr. Wang Maohua and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham Prof. Chris Rudd signed the MoU, witnessed by Vice President of SARI Prof. Sun Yuhan and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham Professor Sir David Greenaway. 
                                                                                  Signing Ceremony

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